Prefabrication of ship pipes

Every year, the Sihy workshop produces over 1000 tonnes of prefabricated piping.

In a single large cruise ship needs as much as 70 000 pieces of prefabricated piping, all of it unique. For the fittings to run smoothly, the prefabricated pieces need to arrive at the shipyard at the right size and at the right time.

With the help of digitalization, Sihy has taken prefabrication efficiency to the next level. PipeCloud, a production control system developed by the company, supports the management, work scheduling and programming of production machinery for large orders. By using polished operating models we can achieve high standards of quality, flexibility, and delivery. Efficient prefabrication production brings cost savings to our customers and reduces the risk of impairments in installations.

Our customers are Finnish and European shipyards and industrial companies as well as turnkey solution providers. Our sister company, Sihy Installations Ltd., provides quality and efficient piping installations.


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Prefabrication of ship pipes