Biogas plant, Oulu

We carried out all the piping and equipment installations: process equipment, piping, gas storeroom, slurry bags, piping bridges and service platform steel structures. We were also responsible for the production of the service platforms and piping. The prime contractor on the project was Watrec Ltd. and the end customer was Biotehdas Ltd. The installations were …

Bioenergy heating plant, Turku

Piping and combustion gas flue installations, PED documentation and NDT check on the pipes. The order was from Renewa Ltd. and the end customer was Turku Energy: completed in 2015.

Power plant, Naantali

Renewal of the steam piping turbines at the Fortum Power & Heat power plant, ordered by Skoda Doosan Power. We removed the old piping, manufactured new ones and installed them. We finalised the project with thermal treatment and CE marking for the pipes.

Biogas plant, Honkajoki

Piping and equipment installations at the Honkajoen biogas plant: process equipment installation and piping production and installation, production and installation of the steel structures for the piping bridges, and gas storage installation. The prime contractor for the project, which was completed in 2014, was Watrec Ltd. and the end customer was Biotehdas Ltd.

Wastewater treatment plant, Honkajoki

Piping and equipment installations as well as covering the wastewater tank at the wastewater treatment plant. The order came from Honkajoki Ltd. and the equipment was delivered by the Dutch company: AQUA Industrial Watertreatment.

Carnival NB-1396

We will deliver roughly 400 tonnes of prefabricated pipes to the Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ship in 2019 – 2020 when the superstructure will be built at the Meyer Turku shipyard. Approximately four fifths of the delivery will go to the turnkey contractors at the shipyard, the rest will go directly to the shipyards own …

Gas engine plant, Honkajoki

We carried out pipe and equipment installations at the Vatajankosken Sähkö gas engine plant: high and low-pressure steam piping and condensate and feed water piping, back boiler and installation of pumps, heat exchangers, and a fan.