Sihy Installations buys VH-Pipe’s specialist shipbuilding business

Sihy Installations buys VH-Pipe’s specialist shipbuilding business

The asset deal will multiply the capacity of Sihy’s installations team.

Sihy Installations, which specialises in demanding pipe installations for the maritime industry, has bought VH-Pipe’s business, which is its Rauma-based competitor,. The business will transfer all its assets to Sihy Installations on 31.3.2019. VH-Pipe employees will join Sihy Installations, and the owner of VH-Pipe, Toni Heino (picture on the left with Sihy’s chairman of the board, Henri Hyvärinen) will continue as Sihy Installation’s operational manager.

The sales manager for the new entity will be Jarno Soinila, who also continues as the CEO of Sihy Ltd. The arrangement increases the headcount of the Sihy installations team to about thirty.

“Sihy can now offer the best quality prefabricated pipes and the most efficient installation service”, Soinila says. “Customers can order larger projects from the same place, and they are carried out at the worksite with greater speed. Lead times are reduced when we have a strong installation capability under our own roof”.

According to operational manager, Toni Heino, the new set up will also be able to use its increased resources in business development:

“Sihy is a pioneer as the first European company in the field to digitalize pipe prefabrication. By combining the PipeCloud software developed by the company and a skilled workforce we can take on all the challenges the forecast growth in shipbuilding brings.

More information:
Henri Hyvärinen, Chairman of the board
+358 40 5237576

Toni Heino, Operations Manager
+358 50 327 4155

Jarno Soinila, Sales Manager
+358 40 517 9502