Prefabricated pipes increase efficiency on the worksite and improve the quality of the end result.
Digitalised production control improves cost efficiency and enables weld traceability.
The best prefabricated piping is the result of a combination of modern machinery and responsible professionals.

Quality prefabricated pipes quickly and cost-efficiently

We supply demanding industrial customers with pipes that are prepared in our workshop in Raisio, Finland. Our operations are based on extensive prefabrication made even more efficient with digitally controlled production.

We specialize in prefabricated pipes for shipbuilding as well as pipes for the process and petrochemical industry, equipment installations, pressure equipment and their maintenance. Our own installation team ensures quick lead times from workshop to installation.

High-quality results, fast delivery, and cost-effective pricing. The best prefabricated pipes in the Baltic Sea area are created when modern equipment is combined with the most efficient production methods on the market and the skills of a responsible workforce.

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PipeCloud digitalized prefabrication - watch the video!

Käytämme PipeCloud - tuotannonohjausjärjestelmää.

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